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Do you really know what is in your beauty and personal care products? Look it up.

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Your skin grows from the inside out, so overall nutrition is important. But caring for your skin is not just an inside job.  Your skin plays a major role in your health. It is our largest organ, and absorbs and excretes nutrients and toxins through its pores. The condition of your skin is a reflection of just how healthy you are on the inside.


Your skin absorbs about 60% of what is put on it, so careful choices are critical. Most skin care products contain toxic chemical ingredients.  You should never put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth.  It is scientifically proven that synthetic chemicals applied to your skin enter your bloodstream.  (This is why many drugs now come in a skin patch.)  In fact, it is probably safer to eat these ingredients than to rub them on your skin.  If eaten, your body produces enzymes to break down toxins (at least until you overload).  This does not readily occur when toxins are absorbed directly through the skin. 


Why are harmful ingredients used? Because they are cheap and profitable, readily available, and the FDA does not regulate beauty and personal care products.  This industry is “self-regulated” by agreement with the FDA, because the FDA does not have the resources to do it.  Mercury, lead, coal tar, known carcinogens and toxins - about 10,000 chemicals are allowed to be used in personal care products.  Check the ingredients in your products.  Do you really want these on your skin?  You are best served by monitoring your own products and using those made of natural substances you recognize and could even eat. Your skin will reach its pinnacle of health and beauty.  Begin today to achieve a new level of beauty that contributes to, instead of compromises, your overall health. It really is possible to look and feel good.


Ardent Beauty offers the highest quality beauty and personal care products created with all natural and organic raw materials.  Our products are 100% safe, natural and non-toxic.  


Ardent Beauty customers gain peace of mind while saving time and money, by shopping multiple natural and organic brands in one place at fair prices. We scour the marketplace and thoroughly research products to ensure our selection is truly natural, effective, high quality, and fairly priced.  Your dollars should support quality products, not big manufacturers’ “green-wash” advertising.  We believe everyone is entitled to safe products and should not have to pay a premium for their health.


We have an ardent passion for educating others about toxins in mainstream personal care products. Check out your products and educate yourself about common harmful ingredients to avoid.  You do not need synthetic chemicals to have vibrant beauty.  You will look and feel more beautiful, healthier and happier without them!  Experience healthy natural beauty for yourself - and then share your new “secret” with others.

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Do I Need Natural Skin Care Products?  

According to a recent Congressional report:

“...more than 125 ingredients used in cosmetics are suspected of causing cancer”

“...20 ingredients may cause adverse effects of the nervous system”

“...1/3 of the chemicals used in cosmetics have been reported as toxic substances”

“...20 cosmetic ingredients are suspected of causing birth defects”

“We look good, we smell good, and we expose ourselves to 200 different chemicals a day through personal care products.”

Bill Moyers, Trade Secrets, PBS



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