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Jennifer, I must compliment you on your great customer service.  You went the "extra mile" to make sure that your customers received the correct orders and were satisfied.  I will recommend your website to others! Charlene M.


Just wanted to add an extra thank you for this wonderful aromatic shower gel. Lavender is my favorite scent. It is worth the reasonable price paid for it. I hope to continue using your products and continue to find this shower gel in your inventory in the future! Mike C., VA.

Having suffered with a scalp rash for a year, I read in your newsletter that this could be caused by the parabens in my existing shampoo. After just three treatments (ten days) with Miessence organic shampoo the rash began to reduce and after a month it has completely disappeared. I simply cannot thank you enough. -Richard P -UK


I started to work with horses on a daily basis and wow did my hands suffer with dryness and bad cracks. Nothing seemed to make them soft until I tried your Hand Cream; now my hands are softer and it even prevented the cracks from getting bigger instead they disappeared! -Andrea P.


I love these products! I began to develop problems with my skin in my 30’s....looking dull and breaking out. I bought your Miessence products and now my skin is glowing and friends are complimenting. I have also been on a 15 year quest for a shampoo that will actually clean my hair instead of coating it and leaving it dull and greasy. The Miessence shampoo has my hair soft and clean like when I was a child. And I gave up hope of ever finding a deodorant that leaves me feeling and smelling fresh instead of sticky and smelling like chemical scents, but Miessence deodorant is beautiful. I’m hooked for life. I will never go back to using products with chemicals. And by the way, for the first time in my life I have a mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes.  Thank you so much for making these products! -Kay M, CA


Hello! I love the Mint Toothpaste and Mouthwash. I’ve always had problems with sores on my tongue. My dentist told me it was Geographic Tongue and relatively common. It would be quite painful after drinking soda, spicy foods, or red sauces.  Well, after using the Mint Toothpaste and Mouthwash the problem that I’ve had since I was a child is gone. No more sores or problems eating certain foods. I recommended these two products to my mother, who has problems with swelling and bleeding on her gums due to her medication. Her dentist was extremely surprised by the results. She’s now off her medicated mouthwash. Thanks for the great products!! -Reegan B - Missouri


I developed a few months ago, a contact dermatitis rash under my wedding and engagement rings. Being relatively newly married I was bit upset at having to stop wearing them as it spread down my finger and into the web spaces. I tried everything; I just couldn’t get the redness and dryness under control. I need to wash my hands a lot at work too which made it even harder. My saviour the jaffa lip balm! It was brilliant, for two days I put it on my finger continuously, not letting the skin dry out, it was the only thing I could use that didn’t sink into the skin straight away. I now wear my rings again and keep the balm close by for lips and fingers! I have also used it as an intensive hand moisturiser, especially overnight and my husband has even used it as emergency hair gel. It’s the best! -Kristine M.


I have used numerous brands of ‘natural’ deodorants and was never satisfied until I came across your Miessence deodorant. The product remains the absolute best! I  recommend this product to many people. Tonia A, TX


For many years (20 or so) I have suffered from adult acne, especially cyst type acne around my cheek and jaw area. I have had some success short term but nothing that kept my skin improving. I discovered Miessence 12 months ago, using a combination of soothing products and rejuvenating profile, masks, and the beautiful serums. Members of my family had not seen me for 4 months and couldn’t believe the difference in my appearance over that time. 12 months down the track I am still seeing improvement. I no longer have lumpy cysts break out, my puffiness has gone and my scarring is gradually improving. I love the fact that this is being achieved without harsh products that strip my skin. I will definitely continue to use Miessence skin care products...they are just wonderful! -Linda T., Australia


Bella Mascara, it last a long time and not easily smudge and easy to wash off as compared to other brands. The Miessence Lemon Shampoo has helped my oily hair. Body Wash is really gentle to my skin and my skin now feels smoother. My sensitive skin gets red and itchy with soaps that I used even those which is claimed to be natural and gentle. Thank you for these wonderful products. -Jane G.


Thank you for your prompt service. The lipstick is beautiful & without all the bad chemicals. I received it today & will be telling others about your products. Pat G., Pason, AZ

I really like this foundation. I tried the sample and loved it! My husband actually commented that my makeup looked good! WOW! Daphne M., Atlanta, GA

I want to rave a little more about the Badger Hair Oils. My hair and my son's hasn't been this soft in a long time! Kendra R., Rockville, MD

My makeup arrived today just like you said. Thanks. It meant a lot that you E-mailed me back right away. I have had some very negative experiences & your kind response was a great relief.  OK, now for the good stuff. I love everything. I spent some of today applying your makeup, cleansing, and applying more so I could try everything before I e-mailed you. I am so pleased. I actually love it all; the colors, the consistency, and it's safe! I'm very happy and will be back for more ASAP. It's all so pretty and wearable. Thanks for such lovely & safe makeup. Jackie K., York. PA.

I received my sugar scrub yesterday, and used it this morning. Aah! For the first time in weeks, my skin is not dry. Thank you! Lia M., Fairfax, VA.

I love ALL of your products and my skin has never felt so healthy! I have been using skin care products by a well-known company for 26 years and thought my skin felt good. I was SO wrong and now my skin is much healthier, to boot!  I am a happy convert and plan to add to my collection as finances permit. I am almost 59 and I haven't been this excited about skin care in a LONG, LONG time! Great products - thanks so much! Sue G., Whitinsville MA

I just want you to know that I'm really impressed with your products and am especially delighted with the lip gloss sample that I purchased. Besides its colour, I really like its subtle sheen. And I'm so glad to know that there are safe ingredients in all your products as I recently completed chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. It was my internet research on safe products that led me to you. And now it feels good to know that I don't need to worry about possible hazards from the make-up I'm wearing. I'll definitely be buying more in the future. Cathy B., Canada.


Thank you for such fast shipping - I can hardly believe I already received the package. One less thing to stress over before my trip. I wanted to add a personal note to thank you for your help, your fast and thorough communication, and your very fast packaging and shipping. It was such a pleasure, and I wish you the very best in your business. Thanks, Debra

I love the Miessence products! With Miessence Shampoo/Conditioner, my baby fine hair has more volume, body and shine! No more flat, greasy hair! I also love the Sunflower Body wash and Jaffa lip Balm. So many wonderful, good for you products! -Evelyn R.


For many years I suffered acne and poor skin. I tried many different products, that proved to be useless. I was at my wits end being an adult with skin that looked horrible. I tried Miessence and now have healthy clear and near to perfect skin. P.S. My little boy has only ever had Sunflower Body Wash used on his skin and hair and he has beautiful clear skin and a problem free scalp. He loves it as a bubble bath. -Anne-Marie H, Australia


Mosquitoes were a real problem, but not anymore! Your Badger Anti-bug products and the Miessence Buzz Free Spray REALLY WORK! My whole family loves it! What’s also wonderful is that I can use it on my son and nieces and nephews and I won’t be putting any chemicals on them because it’s 100% safe! (And it smells awesome too!) -Stacey F, Missouri


By the way, I just love the products that I bought. I use the Miessence purifying skin care system and it is just delicious! The body cream and sunflower wash are like nothing that I have used before. I’m quickly forgetting all of those artificial perfumed body washes that I used to use! -Doreen, US


I wanted you to know that I love the lip balm. It’s great to know that I am using products are are good for me as well make my skin feel great!!-Rechon B, GA


A fellow mom loaned me her Miessence balancing cleanser, skin conditioner, and moisturizer to try over a four-day period. I loved them all--they felt so luxurious and smelled divine. When my little trial was up, I had to go back to my old, supposedly “mild, ultrasoothing” cleanser while I waited for my Miessence order to arrive. It was then that I noticed what a difference the Miessence products made. My old cleanser, which I had always thought was excellent, left my skin dry, with a reddish tint. I can’t wait for my new products to arrive! -Kathleen C, VA


I absolutely love love love the deodorant - I have tried almost every natural one out there and yours is fantastic. -Elisha, CA


Just writing, because I purchased some Ardent Beauty powder foundation recently, Amy and Tan Girl (I blend them).  Firstly, I’m MOST impressed.. it has to be the best cosmetic to ever have hit my face! It’s beautifully smooth and natural looking. It’s the best foundation in the world! Leah A.


I really, really like the Miessence blemish gel. It worked so fantastic on my face just over night that it was unreal. -Donna, OR.


The Tropical Sands Aloe Gel was wonderful on my sunburn, it just cleared it up, there was no peeling. I was really happy about that. -Janet B.

I have tried & love the manuka moisture mask and lip glosses. Over the last year, I've been in the process of getting all dangerous chemicals out of my personal care products. Make-up has been the 'last frontier,' so I'm excited to complete the transition over to all safe and natural products. Thanks for your good work - I wish you much success in your business! Kate Q., Alexandria, VA

I have used several other mineral foundations, including Bare Minerals, and I like Zosimos the best. It looks the most natural and feels like soft baby skin. It never itches and does not settle into pores or wrinkles. It doesn't feel chalky and I use 3-4 coats applied with a Kabuki for the best coverage and SPF. I'm 53 and have rosacea and I can sleep with it on with no adverse effects on my skin! The blush is also the most natural I've used. Virginia W., Portland OR.

[I]n truth, I use the [Lemon Facial] cleanser as an all-over body lotion (and face lotion) it is THE MOST luxurious moisturizer I've ever put on my skin! [M]y face skin often breaks out with moisturizers that are too oily and greasy. I have had no problems with this product and feel protected and smooth. Jessie N., Columbia, MD.

I work with cardboard boxes all day. Before I started using Zosimos Botanical's Body Butter, my hands would crack and bruise a lot. Now they are more moist and don't have any cracks in them at all. Your products are healthy and they smell great . Keep Up the Good Work!! Len B., Scottsdale, AZ.

My daughter-in-law loves the Lip Gloss and says the scrub works as well as the product we have been using from Elizabeth Arden (at 3X the cost). Nona B., Falls Church, VA.

I got my shipment and I am so very impressed with your products. The facial cleanser and toner are perfect for my skin and I haven't been able to find a natural, gentle botanical toner that does not have alcohol. Very nice!! The rose body butter is scrumptious, too. I also tried the blackberry eyeliner and it is beautiful. I have used Estee Lauder Origins makeup for years but am pushing away from mass produced, unhealthy cosmetics and consumer goods. I will be ordering more of the Rose Toner this week, I am almost out of my little sample! Thank you! Liz R., Buffalo NY

I love your products! Your mineral foundation is the best I have found after trying countless others. I have extreme sensitive/prone to rosacea skin and your mineral foundation has been completely non-irritating and perfect for blending away imperfections and redness. Poppie M., Lyle, WA

I received my order today and I am so very happy with your products. Everything I tried is wonderful! The lip pencil, lipstick and gloss are the most beautiful rich colors. I look forward to my next order.  Carole W, Place, WA.

The products are great. I like the foundation because it's such a good match for my skin tone, which is sometimes difficult to find because my skin tone is quite fair. I also like the coverage as I have a few acne scars which I had found quite difficult to conceal! Lindsey O, Glasgow, UK

I *love*love*love* your pomegranate acai lip balm!! It is so moisturizing!! I've pretty much slathered my lips in it as soon as I get up in the morning, as soon as it has worn off (it takes quite awhile! This stuff is good!!) and before I go to sleep at night. And I love the somewhat fruity scent from the extracts! As well as the faint bit of sweetness. I can't get enough of it!! And I can't express my love of it enough either!! Thanks for making such a great product!! By the way, everything else is wonderful too! The Anti-Oxidant Cream smells so good I'd like to eat it! (It smells like a yummy fresh cup of tea, in my opinion) I can't wait to get to try everything else. Thanks again for making such wonderful products!! Cassidy T., Ascutney, VT.



Product Testimonials...

I recently purchased two hard to find items from your store - thank you very much!  And thank you also for taking the time to provide such an informative response to my questions. I really appreciate your candid reply. I will give everything a little thought before deciding which additional products to buy.  Susanna H, Washington, D.C.


You can't imagine how you helped to ease my stress [from severe allergies]. Not only are you a good businesswoman, you listen to your customers and are compassionate & nice.  Thank you soooo much!  Denise C., New Jersey


I received my order in the mail today. I have had an absolutely positive experience with you throughout the entire process. Thanks for being a wonderful seller and I look forward to doing business with you again. Take care. Cheryl

I can't tell you how much money I've thrown out TRYING to find an exact shade and FINALLY found this product. The best part is that it's a pencil which can be sharpened to dot just the right liquid to spread or round crayon that's always too difficult to apply to a very small area. SOOOOO I figured I'd better get another while I can. THANKS! Amber, PA

I have been using your products and the foundation for the past three days, and my complexion is clearing up before my eyes! Is it possible that my skin is responding so quickly to the removal of the chemicals in my makeup and lotions? I wonder if I have been breaking out all this time because I have been allergic to one or many of the chemicals? Have you heard this from other customers, too? It's a miracle! I am so pleased! -Vicki L., Dayton, OH

Hi, I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for all of your help. I finally placed my order for my makeup and brushes. I cant wait to get it so I can finally be at peace with my makeup since it's so healthy and pure. Thank you again for all of your help. -Megan M., Hill, NJ.

I think I finally found a foundation match! I am going with the Zosimos Honeycomb.  The Peachfuzz lipstick is wonderful. I tried out the new look and went to the grocery store and actually had men turning heads - now this has not happened in a long time so I have to give you the credit! :) Laura H., Midlothian, VA.

I'm not sure how you ventured into this business but I am so glad you did. I have always loved makeup and always seem to buy alot of it but then never wear it because I don't like makeup that just sits on your skin and can be seen. So I usually go back to wearing nothing, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your makeup, it is so natural and so beautiful and really enhances the face rather then taking it over and making it look different. Stacey N., Highland, NY.

I want to thank you for the excellent service you do in providing wonderful natural products for women. I am so glad that you have provided a healthy alternative to the chemical laden ones that can so easily harm the body. I want to especially thank you for the shampoo and conditione. Healthy shampoos and conditioners are the two things that I have really tried time and again searching for something that works for me. I finally found them in your products. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Nancy C.  

I just wanted to let you know, I truly love your products so far. My first order was mostly samples, and as soon as I got them in the mail, I tried them, and loved them immediately, so I placed another order. My skin feels so healthy using your natural makeup. Your website was recommended to me by a friend and co-worker and I only wish I had learned about your products sooner! I can’t wait to receive the products! Thanks, Sheila P., Milford, MA

I have used both Bare Minerals and Zosimos products, mainly foundation and face tints like blush, etc. I teach dance and when I exercise with makeup on my face breaks out when I am wearing Bare Minerals products, but not when I am wearing Zosimos. Thanks for your great line of products. Jessica A. Seattle, WA

I ordered the bronze eye shadow mineral powder and love it. I also got the branch eyeliner, which is a great color and lasts all day- thank you! Sarah W., Plymouth, MN

Wow, Thanks so much! It's rare to find such amazing customer service these days. I'm sure you have plenty of repeat customers because of your outstanding customer service. Christine, Vineland, NJ

Greetings! Thank you so very much for creating such wonderful products! I recommended your products to my best friend and now we're both hooked! Denise M., Newport Beach, CA.

I discovered Ardent Beauty at the Environmental Working Group website. EWG evaluates cosmetic products on their safety/toxicity, and they rated your cosmetics as some of the safest/purest products on the market. Since taking chemotherapy several years ago, I have become one of those chemically sensitive types. So I was delighted to find your website. I love the raspberry lip/cheek tint. It is a great color, stays on well, doesn't dry out or irritate my lips, and actually moisturizes. I also love the fact that I can order samples of products and try them out at minimum expense. Thank you.  Betty W., Pearland, TX.

Loved my previous order especially the anti-oxident cream, I especially love that you have samples so that your customers do not have to buy the larger size, that tells me that you are very confident in your products. I have already turned one of my sisters to your products and I'm sure the rest will follow. Thanks for providing such wonderful safe natural products. Nancy C., Adelanto, CA.

Finally after over 30 years of trying lip balms, I have found one that does not cause an allergic reaction on my lips. I am overjoyed to say the least. I even called my mom and sister who live out of state to tell them about it! I literally have scars from years of trying to find something my skin does not react to. I had given up wearing lipstick, as well. I am thrilled with your unscented lip balm and your lip glosses! I really like the fact that the lip glosses are not goopy! My lips are no longer ictchy, red and pealing, they are just smiling now! Thanks for such great products. You have made a life long customer out of me! Rebecca, AZ

I recently purchased some of your mineral eye shadows (mostly brown shades) and I just wanted to let you know that I love them, keep up the good work. I was encouraged by a comment you had made in your last newsletter that said you "ensure we provide the safest most healthful makeup to you possible. Thank you so much. Pamela J., Canada

I got my package on Monday. So I've tried everything for a few days, and I am so pleased. I've tried natural deodorants before, but keep going back to antiperspirants. I knew the ultimate test would be riding my bike home from work on Tuesday, which was a pretty warm day. I stayed comfortable all day, and after the ride home, not only did I still smell like rosemary, etc., but I swear I wasn't sweaty-is that even possible? It's just a deodorant, right? And the foundation is wonderful, it looks great and feels great-it's not drying at all like regular powders usually are. Jennifer J., St. Joseph, MI